A confidential assessment is often the first step in a person’s treatment journey. An assessment is a 1-2 hour evaluation where an assessor — typically an alcohol and drug counselor or mental health practitioner — will interview a person based on several dimensions of health, including his or her use of alcohol and drugs. Through a series of questions, the assessor’s objective is to give you a recommendation, like attending an educational class or treatment program, for example.

In most cases, a recommendation will be made to you immediately after the assessment interview. The goal is to make a recommendation that best aligns with your current situation. Some recommendations will be offered in-house at Common Ground, and if not, we will provide a list of referrals to community providers that can help meet your needs and situation.


There are multiple ways to pay for a chemical use assessment, including paying out of pocket, through your insurance provider, or by contacting Olmsted County for assistance. We are approved to provide Rule 25 assessments in Olmsted, Goodhue and Winona County, along with any other county in Minnesota. If you believe you may be eligible for Rule 25 funding, please contact us and we’re happy to help you start the process of contacting your county for assistance.

No matter what your situation is, we’re here to help. For an assessment in Rochester, Red Wing or Winona, MN contact us or request an appointment today.

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