Learn about our treatment approach

At Common Ground, we believe that every person has the right to recovery. No matter where you’ve been in the depths of addiction, we believe there is hope for the future. With the right recovery support and treatment approach, we help every person in our program develop a plan for a hopeful future in recovery.


Each of our treatment programs are:

Common Ground’s services are based on the belief that each individual has unique goals, needs and reasons for seeking help. Here, “Meeting you where you are" is more than a tagline.  It’s the way we work in every interaction with our clients, no matter what. Each staff member at Common Ground is committed to helping you reach your unique goals, while treating every person with respect and dignity throughout the treatment process.

Our treatment programs are designed to help you recover, no matter where you fall on the continuum of care. Whether you’re in need of educational programming for substance abuse, or long-term substance use disorder recovery, we use evidence-based programming to help you reach your goals. Each program at Common Ground is rooted in evidence-based practices, using research-supported curriculums in our outpatient and residential treatment programs.

All primary programs at Common Ground are gender-specific, allowing clients to participate in groups aligning with their gender identity. Gender-specific groups can increase a person’s level of comfort when sharing with others, helping foster a safe, effective group environment for all clients — our top priority at Common Ground.

We believe in a whole-person approach to recovery. From your chemical use assessment to developing a treatment plan, our staff will consider your physical, spiritual and mental health along the way. We want you to be your healthiest, happiest self and will work with you to develop specific goals that help you achieve what you want in recovery and in life.