Sober on Labor Day? Here are 5 Ways To Fill Your Day With Sober Fun

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From Common Ground to you, Happy Labor Day! Today is a day of rest, relaxation and recharging for the fall season ahead, marking the end of summer and for many – the back to school, back to work routine.

If you've been in recovery for a while or are newly sober, you know there may be interesting challenges to navigate with a holiday like Labor Day. But days off are good. It's important in this new chapter of recovery to embrace challenges, learn new skills, and find a new routine as you get to know the new, sober you. Here are a few tips for today's Labor Day holiday:

  1. Get some rest.
    For many, Labor Day is a day off from work. If you have the day off, use this extra day to recharge and get some rest. Healthy sleep contributes to better mental health overall, and whether you want to sleep in, take a couple naps or go to bed early, lounge around, stay comfortable and let your brain recharge. You can even grab a good book and lounge outside!
  2. Organize and set goals.
    Taking it one day at a time doesn't mean you can't set goals and have a plan. Key organization tips like goal setting, meal planning and even just making your bed is known to improve mental health and add to a healthy lifestyle. Do some cooking for the week ahead, write down the things you want to accomplish, or even the recovery goals you have for the fall. Stay focused on the day ahead, but it can be helpful to remind yourself of the course you're on and where you're headed.
  3. Go on a walk and get active.
    If the weather is nice, get outside and be active! The summer is winding down, so use this opportunity to embrace your recovery. With a clear head, go on a walk, kayak, run, play basketball or get a group together to play Frisbee golf. Moving your body will release endorphins, will make you feel better and will expand your list of sober activities that are healthy for your recovery, your brain and your body.
  4. Leverage sober support.
    It might feel like getting sober took away your opportunity to have fun. Even if this is your first thought today, don't let that take over your day. Simply put, it's not true. The recovery community is diverse, fun and unique. Go to a meeting or reach out to sober friends who you want to get to know more. Grill out, go to a movie and do something fun. Adding to your sober support network will always help you – and will be a safeguard for tough days.
  5. Do something kind for someone else.
    "You've got to give it away to keep it" is a common recovery phrase about step 12 of AA/NA. Today, try putting it into action. There are days when it feels like your recovery is fragile and slipping through the cracks. Sometimes, you just need to get out of your head to refocus and distract yourself from triggers and cravings to use. So go do something nice for someone – make a donation, volunteer, donate old clothes, send a handwritten card to a friend, call your mom, bring a coffee to someone who needs a pick-me-up…and the list goes on and on. Stretch yourself by being generous and kind – you'll feel better, you'll have renewed perspective and you'll be putting a key principle of recovery in action. It's the perfect way to use your extra time today!

As the fall season begins, end the summer strong in your recovery. Use today for reflection, being kind, adding to your sober support network and boosting your recovery pulse. Idle time isn't always a bad thing – use it to your advantage, get a leg up on life and recovery, and start out this next season strong.

Always remember, Common Ground is here to support you. We believe in you and the power of recovery. If you or someone you know is in need of outpatient treatment, family support or substance abuse resources in Rochester, MN or the surrounding communities of Winona or Red Wing, contact us today.

Happy Labor Day!