Meet Kayla Peterson, Common Ground's Director of Administrative Services

Behind every counseling appointment, group session or educational class at Common Ground is our strong administrative team. Around the office, they're nicknamed as the glue that holds it all together.

Leading the team is Kayla Peterson, Common Ground's Director of Administrative Services. Kayla has her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Services Programs. She's been with Common Ground for 7 years, and throughout that time has contributed a number of improvements to our team, including her strong organizational skills.

Before Common Ground, Kayla worked as a Lead Teacher at a Daycare Center for 7 years. Most of her experience is working with young children and with children and adults with special needs.

She brings her compassion and organizational skills to work with her every day, showing the importance of all aspects of the treatment process.

We sat down with Kayla to learn more about her passion for her work:

Why are you passionate about working in the treatment environment?
"We are always working to better ourselves and our company in order to help others.  Nothing will ever stay the same as we are always striving to find new ways to reach people and assist them with a variety of areas in their lives to better themselves."

What’s your favorite thing about Common Ground?
"As a staff, we truly work together and become a close family.  Our staff see the clients as the individual person they are first and will ensure that the client is getting the services that they need whether it is all with us or includes an outside referral."

What advice would you give to someone struggling with addiction today?
"Be open minded to the different ideas that the facility or counselor has.  Just because something doesn’t seem right for you or it hasn’t worked in the past does not mean it will not work for you today."

What are your hobbies?
"Scrapbooking, camping, canoeing, watching comedy shows and movies."

Favorite words of wisdom?
"Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end."

Common Ground provides outpatient treatment in Rochester, MN and the surrounding communities of Winona and Red Wing. If you or a loved one is in need of help, contact us today.