Meet Barb Barghahn, An Alcohol & Drug Counselor with Common Ground in Winona, MN

It's another Staff Feature Friday at Common Ground, and we're pleased to introduce Barb Barghahn, a counselor on the clinical team at Common Ground in Winona. Barb holds a variety of responsibilities with Common Ground Winona including completing chemical use assessments, intakes, individual counseling and group therapy. She facilitates the Men's evening outpatient group and works with the Winona County Drug Court.

Barb holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Addiction Studies from Viterbo University and a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Barb is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) through the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (BBHT) and holds her licensure as a Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) through the Wisconsin Certification Board. Barb is currently working to complete her licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

Barb joined the Common Ground team in May of 2017 and brings with her a wealth of experience from her time in the field. She has worked women’s residential treatment facilities at Mayo Clinic and Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, and has previously worked with a short-term crisis care center. She completed a practicum at Viterbo Career Services where she developed the HopeWORKS program to assist clients with career transitions, as well as having completed an internship at Mayo Clinic Behavioral Health that included co-facilitating the Thinking 4 a Change (T4C) group. She has also held positions with Stein Counseling as an In-Home Counselor, Outpatient Therapist (CIT), AODA Counselor, and Drug Court Counselor in Jackson County.

Here's a little more about Barb and her passion for the field of Alcohol & Drug Counseling:

  • Why are you passionate about the field of alcohol and drug counseling?
    "I am very passionate about the substance abuse population and my clients because they have found themselves with a brain-changing condition that has significantly and negatively impacted their lives. They are resilient individuals who live with trauma, shame, attachment issues, and social stigma. I am honored to have a front row seat as my clients do the daily work to be clean and sober. My compassion is far-reaching as I fully embrace the fact that none of my clients woke up one morning and thought, “Hey, you know what I am going to do today? I am going to (fill in blank with life-altering addict behavior)!”
  • What’s your favorite thing about Common Ground?
    "The respect from supervisor and CEO and knowing my skill set is valued, appreciated, and utilized."
  • What advice would you give to someone struggling with addiction today?
    “Never give up!”
  • What are your hobbies?
    "I have an eclectic list of hobbies including motorcycle riding, kayaking, DIY projects, geocaching, documentaries, fire pits, jewelry-making, cyber-sleuthing, learning to XC ski, rock hounding, and bicycling."
  • Favorite words of wisdom?
    “Always be kind to others and trust that everyone does the best they can with what they have on any given day.”

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