The Importance Of Sober Housing When You’re In Recovery

Next month, Common Ground will open our Winona Recovery House for men in need of a safe, sober and supportive environment. The home will be located in Winona, Minnesota and will house 16 men with 24/7 staffing and group programming.

We could not be more excited to serve the community and those in recovery.

But why is sober living so important? Maybe you have been recommended a halfway house or sober living facility in the past, or maybe you’ve been wondering how a sober environment can boost your recovery and help you stay sober. These are great questions and ones worth asking – especially as you work to stay sober. Here’s why sober living can be so beneficial to your recovery:

  1. You’ll spend time with like-minded people.
    When you’re in early recovery, it can help to surround yourself with people who are working toward the same goals as you are – like staying sober. It can be difficult to be around using friends or a potentially-triggering environment after you’ve just done the work to get sober. Sober living facilities allow you to temporarily live with those pursuing the same goal of recovery, which can help you stay motivated and stay sober as you continue building newfound skills in your sobriety.
  2. More support.
    Early recovery can be difficult – recovery is new and you’re still in skill-building mode. By living in a halfway house or transitional living facility, you give yourself the gift of extra support. Don’t look at it as a punitive measure. The people who work at sober living homes most often want you to succeed and develop healthy tools so your recovery and sobriety will go the long haul. The extra support will give you more tools and skills for the future, which is a great thing for your long-term recovery story.
  3. Gradual transition.
    Sometimes people call it the “treatment high.” This is the exhilarating feeling of leaving a residential treatment facility – many people have positive experiences, new revelations and develop dreams, passions and hopes for how their recovery will help them in the next phase of life. This is a great thing, but it can be difficult to keep it up when you plunge back into the “real world.” In the real world, there are jobs, bills and everyday stressors. This is okay – this is life – but transitional living helps you take the newfound skills and lessons from treatment and early recovery and gives you the step-by-step transition to handle everyday life through the lens of recovery.

Sober housing can be extremely beneficial in your recovery journey. Common Ground offers sober housing in Winona, MN for men who are in recovery. Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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