Meet Steve Coddington, Common Ground’s New Counselor At The Winona Recovery House

We’re nearing the opening of Common Ground’s Men’s Recovery House in Winona, MN, and are proud to announce the addition of Steve Coddington to our team of counselors. At Common Ground, it’s important that we have the best people caring for our clients – and we’re honored to have Steve join the team.

After speaking with a friend and mentor who worked in the field, Steve started college at 52 years of age, attending Riverland Community College and Metropolitan State University in St. Paul to complete his degree and credentials in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Today, Steve is a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LADC) with the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy. He has been a LADC since 2008, but has been active in the recovery community since 1991, beginning volunteer work with Fountain Centers in 1992 working with adolescents.

Steve was employed with Fountain Centers through the Mayo Clinic Health System from 2004 to 2016, starting as a treatment technician and then, for the most of his time with Fountain Centers, working as a counselor.

As we welcome Steve to Common Ground, we sat down with him for a brief Q&A to introduce him to the Common Ground family:

Why are you passionate about the field of alcohol and drug counseling?

“I am motivated to be in the field as this disease is silent and devastating for all involved. The more the stigma of this diseaseis reduced, the more open and positive conversation will occur allowing for increased early intervention,  thorough treatment approaches, and increased community support.”

What’s your favorite thing about Common Ground?

“I was motivated to move from retirement to Common Ground for the patient-centered philosophy and their desire to open a recovery house to aid those afflicted in their personal journeys back to being responsible and productive members of the community.”

What advice would you give to someone struggling with addiction today?

“My advice is simple: You just don't have to live this way. There is a solution.  You have the ability to end the cycle of use and consequence. Also famous words from an old friend that I try to never forget and 6 words that will change your life forever: Tell the truth, all the time.”

What are your hobbies?

“I love to be outdoors and wander (travel). I ride motorcycle, hunt and fish whenever I can. I enjoy time with my wife, my children and grandchildren.”

Favorite words of wisdom?

“My words of wisdom are simple: “ANYTHING I put before my recovery I will lose.”

Last but not least, Steve reminds anyone struggling to “Do the deal.”

Welcome to Common Ground, Steve!

Common Ground provides addiction treatment in Winona, MN and in the Southeast Minnesota Communities of Red Wing and Rochester. If you are in need of treatment services, please contact Common Ground today!