Be Resilient and Reset – How This Can Help Your Recovery

You’re new in recovery – whether it’s been one day, one week, or one month, it’s new to you. You’re grappling with how to fit your new desire to remain sober and work on substance use issues with the rest of your life – some days it’s easy, other days it’s incredibly hard. So how do you handle the hard days? You reset and stay resilient.

Resiliency is the amazing capability human beings to “return to an original form” – some call this “elasticity.”  In line with this principle is that of our internal “reset button.” Keeping these principles in mind as you progress through recovery is important. There will be hard days, and using your human potential to be resilient and reset, you’ll be able to keep your recovery strong and avoid external forces putting your recovery at risk.

How do you stay resilient in the midst of life’s uncertainties? How do you know when to set your internal reset button?

  1. Your Attitude
    Keeping a consistent, steady frame of mind when venturing out into the unknowns of life – work, family, friends – is important. By keeping your attitude and demeanor positioned positively, you will have increased ability to be resilient and recover when life hits. Does it feel like life took you out at the knees? Sometimes it will. But stay positive, stay focused, hit your internal “reset” button, and continue moving forward.
  2. Your Supports
    A supportive network of family, friends, and mentors is critical to have. With people rallying around your recovery, they will be able to help you process situations in life that may be difficult. Having people around you with your best interest at heart ensures you have people to encourage you when you’re down, and those who will be honest with you when you need it. Others in recovery have even said that once you have a supportive network, a helpful strategy is thinking about 5 people who you love and care about, and wishing them well. Fueling your energy towards those you love and care about can help you stay resilient by reframing your situation and state of mind.
  3. Your Goals
    Despite the way external forces, critical people, or workplace situations may get you down, it’s important to stay reminded of your goals. Whether these goals are personal, professional, or recovery-oriented, knowing that you have a larger vision in mind for various parts of life will keep you reminded that one bad day does not equate to a bad situation or plan overall. One bad day at work may teach you exactly what you needed to learn for the next day. Remember your goals, reset, and move through difficult situations with the bigger picture in mind.
  4. Your Value
    When life gets you down, remember, ultimately, that you are valued as a person. There are people who love you, people who are rooting for you, and people who know you can get through difficult times even when you don’t think you can. You are valued. Focused recovery, resiliency, and resetting will help you keep this in mind despite unforeseen circumstances in life.

When you’re stressed – reset. When you want to give up – reset. When you’re thinking about coping with difficult life circumstances through using substances – reset. The ability to reset and keep focused on positive elements of life will lead to greater resiliency, and your continued journey in recovery.

“Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.” – Bernard Williams