5 Things You Can Do During The First Days Of Recovery

Maybe you’re 1 day sober, or maybe one week. The early days of recovery can be difficult to handle between navigating legal obligations, handling family and emotional stress, and battling fear, self-doubt or shame.

Keep your chin up.

Remember, the first few days may be difficult, but this is not the end of your story, rather it’s just the beginning. Though the first few days and hours of recovery may be difficult to handle, you can do it. By employing the strategies below, you can make the most of the earliest days in your recovery story to strengthen the days that lie ahead.

  1. Meditate
    Get quiet and be present in the moment. Shut out noise, thoughts, cravings and what may be causing you stress or shame. Be mindful and start to regain your spirituality – no matter what your view of spirituality or a higher power is, meditation and mindfulness can help keep you in the moment and ease the stresses or fears you may be feeling.
  2. Go to a meeting
    Whether you’re into AA, NA, Smart Recovery or Celebrate Recovery, there are an abundance of recovery groups across the nation. Find a meeting and a group that work for you and get plugged in right away. Not only is this good to help you fill time with productive actions, but the stories and people you’ll meet can help strengthen you during the early days and beyond.
  3. Find a sponsor or recovery coach
    While you’re at a meeting, if there are opportunities to find a sponsor, get one. It may feel vulnerable or nerve-wracking, but the ability to have someone investing in your life and recovery right away can help ensure long-term success for you and the steps that lie ahead.
  4. Meet with a counselor
    Call a treatment center, talk to a counselor, have an assessment. Being able to talk with a clinician about where you’re at with your drug or alcohol use can ensure you get the help you need right away, whether that’s residential treatment, outpatient treatment, an educational class or a specific recovery group.

  5. Take small steps
    Remember to take small steps – even if it’s one phone call, one meeting or meditating for 5 minutes, it’s all going to help you and it’s better than using. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t figure it out in one day or even one month – no one does. The best change in life takes time and recovery is no different.

Though the first few days are trying, stick with it and take small steps to ensure you get where you need to go in recovery and in life. By making healthy decisions right away, you’re already getting yourself on the right track and becoming more receptive to the positive changes that you’ll be making throughout your recovery.

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