Common Ground offers several educational programs that are open for enrollment by the public.  Our classes are designed to help individuals grow in specific areas, including chemical education, DUI classes, or support for concerned family members.


All classes are facilitated by a member of our clinical staff and are rooted in best practices. No matter which program you attend, our goal is to help clients reach their unique goals.

DUI Classes and Chemical Education

Common Ground's DUI/DWI class provides education for those who have been charged with a DUI/DWI or similar consequence, but have not experienced other issues as the result of their use of alcohol or other drugs. Our 8-hour course provides education regarding how to make better choices after drinking, understanding alcohol impairment levels, how to maintain responsible use of alcohol, and thinking errors that lead to DUI consequences.

Common Ground also offers a 12-hour chemical health education class that is tailored based on a person’s drug of choice or reason for referral.

Hope (For the Concerned Person)

A concerned person is anyone who is worried about or affected by another person's use of alcohol or other drugs, whether they are a spouse, significant other, parent, child, employee, or close friend. Common Ground's Hope Program offers help sessions designed to provide education and options to help yourself and the individual you are concerned about. The Hope Program is offered to individuals on an as-needed basis and is free of charge.

To inquire about our educational programs or DUI class in Rochester, Red Wing, or Winona, MN, please contact us today.